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In Singapore’s today’s fast-paced world, burnout has become very common, even among those who love their work. So if you’ve been struggling with burnout, you need to know that you’re not alone. Beyond that, always remember that the symptoms of burnout aren’t permanent, or at least they shouldn’t be.


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Burnout Treatment in Singapore

Burnout Treatment SG

Burnout is a term often used in Singapore to describe an altered state of wellbeing that includes mental and physical exhaustion. Those who suffer from burnout feel that they no longer have the drive, ambition and enthusiasm to do what they used to do, or do it at the pace they did.

Burnout is not limited to the workplace but in 99% of cases Burnout is linked to business in some way. However, it is still fundamentally unacceptable for a senior executive, CEO or entrepreneur in Singapore to admit to suffering from burnout, stress or psychological problems. However, it is universally acknowledged that these issues are real; compounding feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, paranoia and depression.

Burnout in Singapore is often misdiagnosed as stress yet while stress can make you feel exhausted, burnout makes all of your energy and motivation disappear. Burnout is a feeling of helplessness and that every effort feels pointless.

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Burnout affects all areas of your life and not just the workplace. This amount of physical and emotional turmoil on your mind and your body can have extremely long-term effects. Your immunity will  become compromised and you will get sick more frequently. Often, chronic conditions can develop from Burnout including inflammation and coronary conditions.

Understanding executive and entrepreneur burnout in Singapore

A person in Singapore becomes burned-out when he or she is constantly stressed over a long period of time. When this happens, a person goes into a complete physical, mental, and emotional state of exhaustion.

Burnout weakens the immune system, causes problems with sleep, and may trigger feelings of powerlessness, callousness, and frustration. If left untreated, individuals suffering from burnout in Singapore may also contribute to a number of other conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, substance abuse problems, anxiety, or depression.

Burnout is a condition related to the workplace, commonly called executive burnout. Executive burnout is a common problem among high-achieving executives in Singapore.

Most successful entrepreneurs and executives in Singapore have unbalanced work-life commitments and an overwhelming list of responsibilities. They are constantly in a state of being on a fast track, increasing their chances of becoming burned out.

Working in high-pressure environments in Singapore, feeling as though you have little control over your job, not having enough time for loved ones, and having too much responsibility all can lead to burnout. Personality traits like perfectionism, a pessimistic outlook, controlling issues, poor self-esteem, and a high-achieving personality type also make it easier for someone to burnout.

Executive and entrepreneur burnout in Singapore usually results in prolonged self medication with alcohol, painkillers, stimulants and benzodiazepines. An already high risk tolerance in high achieving individuals is heightened during periods of extreme stress with destructive behaviors around food, sex, gambling and other process addictions.

Workplace burnout in Singapore is the embodiment of acute and seemingly unresolveable work related stress.

Characteristics of work-related burnout:

  • Feelings of low energy and exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job; or feelings of negativity
  • Reduced professional capacity

People at risk of suffering from burnout in Singapore tend to isolate in uncertainty, without adequate support networks.

Entrepreneur burnout manifests affects a person’s mental and physical well-being ranges from minor illnesses and mild depression to mental breakdowns, heart disease and sometimes death. It’s a condition that needs to be taken seriously as it can have a devastating impact on a person’s life.

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Depression Treatment in Singapore from Remedy Wellbeing
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Burnout Vs Depression

Burnout and depression may have similar symptoms, but they are actually two different ailments. In Singapore burnout is often diagnosed as depression so it’s important to have a correct diagnosis. Burnout is caused by chronic stress related to work, caring for family members and raising a family.

Burnout is usually thought of as something that happens professionally and caused by work stress, but the way it makes you feel can feel very similar to depression, a common definition is that it has three components to it, exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy.

Burnout has a wide range of symptoms:

  • Exhaustion – Emotional or physical exhaustion
  • Physical symptoms may include body pain or digestive issues
  • Feeling alienated from work-related activities
  • Reduction in performance

Depression has certain symptoms that burnout doesn’t usually exhibit, including:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feelings of pointlessness

With burnout you get emotional exhaustion in response to a prolonged stress, and feelings of overwhelming depersonalization is the experience of feeling detached from yourself.

It can seem like you’re just observing yourself in the world and you’re not really inside of yourself. For the person who’s burned out, it can feel like they’re just going through the motions every day and not really living or experiencing them.

While an individual suffering from depression can have depersonalization experiences depersonalization is not a prominent feature. However, with burnout depersonalization is very prominent and highly work related, or in some way triggered by the work life balance pressures that are unique to Singapore, which is interesting becauuse another key symptom of burnout in Singapore is a reduced sense of personal accomplishment.

Entrepreneur burnout treatment in Singapore

Singapore has a disproportionate number of resident entrepreneurs, and because entrepreneur burnout is different to executive burnout its imporatnt to undertsand what sets them apart.

Entrepreneur burnout is the embodiment of acute and seemingly unresolveable work related stress. Entrepreneur burnout syndrome is real and in severe cases, can be life-threatening. Remedy Wellbeing Singapore has identified three common characteristics of work-related entrepreneur burnout in SG:

  • Feelings of low energy and exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job; or feelings of negativity
  • Reduced professional capacity

Entrepreneurs in Singapore are at a higher risk of burnout than almost any other group because they don’t have the luxury of taking a break. The switch is always on and the pedal is always to the metal. And as a business grows this pressure becomes greater as the stakes become higher.

Entrepreneurs suffering from burnout tend to isolate in ultra high uncertainty, with limited safety nets in place. At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore we call this living in ‘Ultra-Violet’. Entrepreneur burnout in Singapore affects a person’s mental and physical health with conditions ranging from minor illnesses to mental breakdowns, coronary problems and sometimes death. It’s a condition that needs to be taken seriously.

Entrepreneur Burnout Test

  • are you exhausted regularly?
  • do you feel more anxious about your business than before?
  • do you feel overwhelmed and indecisive?
  • are you finding it hard to focus?
  • are you eating badly or getting little exercise?
  • do you suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia?
  • are you quick to anger and lash out?
  • are you bored and uninspired with your business?
  • do you have trouble delegating?
  • do you feel uninspired professionally?
  • do you feel stuck with the business you created?
  • do you regret starting up your entrepreneur venture?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, there’s a good chance you are experiencing typical symptoms of physical and / or emotional entrepreneur burnout.

The good news is there are steps you can take to alleviate or eliminate entrepreneur burnout, and because Remedy Singapore is part of the World Class Remedy Wellbeing Group we have the Worlds best entrepreneur burnout experts standing ready to assist clients return to a life well lived and able to enjoy life on life’s terms.

Executive Burnout Treatment SG

Executive burnout in Singapore, sometimes referred to as leadership burnout or corporate burnout, is used to describe a sustained period of work-related stress experienced by corporate executives, industry leaders and those professionals in senior executive positions where the role places excessive demands upon an individual’s mental and emotional resources and internal stress regulators.

Executive burnout in Singapore usually manifests itself as an increasing lack of energy and motivation, and an inability to function at a sustainable level.

Individuals suffering from Executive burnout in Singapore find themselves feeling mentally and physically exhausted, yet unable to rest sufficiently, battling with sleep issues and insomnia. They become plagued by crippling self-doubt and bouts of low, or extremely low self-confidence, leaving them unable to make important operational decisions.

Burnout can lead to poor management choices, loss of business and serious errors in judgement.




Executive Burnout Treatment at Luxury Retreat

At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore we are realists. And we deal with the here and now. It remains fantasy that Senior Executives can share their mental health, burnout or addiction issues and not expect it to negatively impact their position, shareholders or the wider business.

It is still fundamentally unacceptable for a senior executive, CEO or entrepreneur to admit to suffering from burnout, stress or psychological problems. However, it is universally acknowledged that these issues are real; compounding feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, paranoia and depression.

Symptoms of Executive Burnout in Singapore

  • Lack of energy
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of motivation
  • Feelings of self-doubt
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Cynical and critical at work
  • Irritability
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Substance use
  • Problems at home with family or loved ones
  • Withdrawal and isolation

Alongside emotional and mental health problems, some will experience physical health issues such as digestive problems. Sufferers of executive burnout in Singapore are also prone to other issues such as binge drinking and self-medicating to relieve the growing stress, anxiety, and depression they are feeling.

All too often, problems at work impact a sufferers personal life with individuals withdrawing into themselves and isolating away from loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Sufferers of executive burnout are also prone to other co-occurring problems such as alcoholism and addiction, individuals turn to substances or risky and compulsive behaviours to self-medicate against the growing stress, anxiety, and depression they are experiencing.

Problems at work often spill over into personal life with individuals withdrawing into themselves and cutting themselves off from friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Treatment for Executive & Entrepreneur Burnout in Singapore

At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore, we design personalized burnout recovery programs to meet your unique needs while honoring your continuing accountability. we understand that every client is different, and their illness needs individualised treatment and care.

We acknowledge the difficulty executives and professionals in Singapore face when it comes to seeking treatment for burnout; that means they often avoid getting the treatment they need until it is too late.

At our luxury five-star retreat we have developed a programme which enables our professional and corporate executive clients to get treatment and make positive lifestyle changes, whilst continuing to stay in touch with their place of business or work.

Our 360-degree treatment methods work to restore your physiological biochemistry, building healthy coping mechanisms for stress, and restoring your vitality, while paying attention to your diet, gut health, and other concerns. This contributes to vibrancy, relaxation, and feelings of emotional and physical well-being.

We help lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels with counselling and psychotherapy, along with a number of complementary therapies, such as yoga, personal training, reflexology, massage, and guided meditation. Our goal is to arm you with World Class tools and techniques for managing your lifestyle.

At the end of the REMEDY, you will feel more relaxed and reinvigorated, and equipped both mentally and physically to deal with stress in a healthier, more productive way.

We treat one client at a time and tailor individualized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each client.This can be done either at our luxury 5* retreat in Thailand at the main REMEDY Residence or digitally via our bespoke mental health platform.

Many of our clients are successful individuals who cannot always afford to have their lives on hold while they are in treatment, so we will always deliver a tailor-made, flexible treatment plan that honors individual and professional accountability. We arrange the day-to-day schedule to fit in with work commitments, where relevant, while supporting an easy balance of recovery and continuing responsibility.

Online Programs Directly from Remedy Wellbeing

Award Winning Burnout Treatment @ Home

We know traditional face-to-face treatment isn’t right for everyone, in particular established professionals or those with families. Travelling accross Singapore for an hour of therapy isn’t just an hour… it’s an expediation!

We don’t believe that logistics should be a barrier to people getting the help they deserve. Your responsibility to your health shouldn’t clash with your life.

Remedy Mental Health in Singapore was founded to create a space where recovery fits into daily life. Our program consists of scheduled individual sessions that fit around daily routines, so our clients can maintain commitments.

Award Winning Online Program

When you lead a busy life, balancing responsibilities at home and work, finding a moment to visit a therapist in person can be difficult. A trip accross Singapore can take an entire afternoon there and back. Our experts understand how to engage effectively with you online and everyone our team have received multiple awards for the online program.

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6-Star Luxury Retreat

The Remedy Wellbeing Singapore Mental Health Retreat is situated in Thailand, an idyllic area of the country that is as relaxing as it is beautiful. Remedy Retreats are a destination for transformation, where expert staff from our main Remedy HQ help you work through various wellbeing concerns and issues to deliver sustainable transformation and change.

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“Remedy Singapore is one of the most transformative, life changing, recharging and powerful experiences I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I have left feeling a deeper connection to myself, full of peace, self love, enlightenment and skills to help me live my life on my terms again. Thank you to Remedy Wellbeing”.

Bella, Singapore

“Very Helpful”

“Remedy Wellbeing helped my husband and I thorough a long rocky patch in our relationship. We had grown apart over these years and our businesses in Singapore were so busy that we rarely spoke with each other for days at a time. Online therapy was amazing and not like we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Remedy SG . “

Anon, Singapore

“Forever Grateful”

“I will forever be grateful to the expert team at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore. I came in suffering from Burnout, Anxiety and what felt like depression. I have left feeling healed and ready to take on the world. My days were filled with mindfulness, tranquility and deep therapeutic work. I cannot wait to return as I will be back next year.

Rajesh, Singapore

“Online Program”

“I consider the online program at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore to be the best choice I have made in my life. The team helped me to understand a lot of things, especially regarding my difficulties due to anxiety and burnout. I have never received that kind of help anywhere else in Singapore even though I have tried in many years.”

Maddie, Singapore

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