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Remedy Wellbeing Counselling Singapore was created specifically for individuals and families living and working in this vibrant country. Remedy SG is part of the larger multi-award winning Remedy Wellbeing Worldwide. We treat clients with complete privacy in opulent surroundings at our Retreats or in the comfort of your own surroundings, at times to suit your lifestyle.



We Are The Solution. We Are Remedy.

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore treats individuals, families and corporate employees for a wide range of issues with absolute discretion and privacy. Whether guests visit us for a short, restorative retreat or prefer treatment online from the comfort of their own surroundings, they have access to the very best experts in the World.

Remedy SG is part of the much larger Remedy Wellbeing Family, consistently awarded and recognised internationally as the center of choice for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny.


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Singapore Testimonials

What Singapore People are Saying


“Remedy Singapore is one of the most transformative, life changing, recharging and powerful experiences I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I have left feeling a deeper connection to myself, full of peace, self love, enlightenment and skills to help me live my life on my terms again. Thank you to Remedy Wellbeing”.

Bella, Singapore

“Very Helpful”

“Remedy Wellbeing helped my husband and I thorough a long rocky patch in our relationship. We had grown apart over these years and our businesses in Singapore were so busy that we rarely spoke with each other for days at a time. Online therapy was amazing and not like we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Remedy SG . “

Anon, Singapore

“Forever Grateful”

“I will forever be grateful to the expert team at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore. I came in suffering from Burnout, Anxiety and what felt like depression. I have left feeling healed and ready to take on the world. My days were filled with mindfulness, tranquility and deep therapeutic work. I cannot wait to return as I will be back next year.

Rajesh, Singapore

“Online Program”

“I consider the online program at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore to be the best choice I have made in my life. The team helped me to understand a lot of things, especially regarding my difficulties due to anxiety and burnout. I have never received that kind of help anywhere else in Singapore even though I have tried in many years.”

Maddie, Singapore

Singapore Mental Health Blog

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The Remedy Singapore blog is full of information about mental health and wellbeing in Singapore. Taking a non-judgemental, deep-dive into local SG treatment of Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Grief and a range of mental health issues and concerns. The blog also looks at Relationship Dynamics in Singapore, Smoking Cessation and Binge Drinking in the Country.

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