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Remedy Wellbeing Singapore exists to help you find serenity according to your highest values, whatever they may be. Awarded Worlds Best Counselling Service 2021 & 2022 and part of Remedy Wellbeing Global



The Worlds Best Counselling Service in Singapore

Remedy Singapore provides a safe haven for individuals struggling with issues. We create individualised treatment programs to address your unique set of needs. Our team will identify and address each root cause of our client’s suffering. In doing so, instead of just managing symptoms, we strive to help clients restore their inner peace and wellbeing.


Awarded Counselling in Singapore

Remedy Counselling in Singapore was awarded Worlds Best Counselling Service in 2020, 2021 & 2022. Part of the multi-award winning Remedy Wellbeing Group, our dedicated Singapore Counselling is uniquely positioned to help Singapore residents and expats navigate the complex issues that come with living in the Worlds most vibrant and diverse country. We are proud to serve Singapore but we do so in the right way, with integrity and passion.

12-Week Remedy

At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore we believe in fast, effective and lasting solutions. Our Counsellors work on our unique 12 Week Remedy Program, and you will feel immediate and lasting benefits after 12 weeks. As part of Remedy Wellbeing you have access to the very best Counsellors and Therapists in the World. Remedy Private treats High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, Politicians and those subject to intense media scrutiny.

We are your Solution. We are REMEDY

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The 12 Week Remedy

Working with Remedy Wellbeing Counselling in Singapore means you are working with the best Coubnsellors in the World, who create a unique and highly individualised plan to get you or your loved one back on track in a matter of weeks, not years.

At Remedy Wellbeing Counselling in Singapore we believe in fast, effective solutions to your issues. Many clients come to us after becoming dissatisied with their existing Coubnsellor in Singapore.

Getting help shouldn’t take years. Our expert Counsellors deliver their sessions direct from the Remedy Wellbeing Center of Excellence, where they treat guests at our intensive Retreats.


  • 12 Week Healing
  • Individual Plans
  • Intense Counselling
  • Weekly Sessions
  • Daily Check-In Calls
  • Emergency Sessions if Required
  • Discount at our Retreats
  • Privacy & Security
Singapore Counselling Service

Important Information & FAQs

Singapore Counselling FAQ

Will My Issues be Helped in 12 Weeks?

We believe in fast, targeted and effective Counselling in Singapore. Nobody should see their Counsellor longer than they need to. Many Counsellors in Singapore take years to make the same improvements that our experts can make in just 12 weeks.

When Are My Sessions?

Remedy Wellbeing sessions are arranges to fit in with your busy work and home life schedules. Unlike other Counselling in Singapore we don’t make you travel accross town and we offer you a wide range of appointments with 24/7 availability.

What Is Counselling in Singapore?

Counselling in Singapore falls under the term ‘talking therapy’ and allows people to discuss their any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment. It is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives, or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth.

Should I go to Counselling for Anxiety?

While a little anxiety is normal, it’s important to know that you don’t have to live with anxiety and fear. Counselling in Singapore can help, and for many anxiety problems, Counselling is often the most effective option. Remedy Counselling in Singapore has 12 week Anxiety Program.

How Do I Get Therapy in Singapore?

Therapy in Singapore (also knows as Counselling in Singapore) is arranged by completing an assessment and then arranging a consultation so the Counsellors can create an individual treatment plan and assign the best counsellors for your unique set of circumstances.

Counselling in Singapore Vs Therapy in Singapore

Counselling in Singapore & Therapy in Singapore are the same things. Counsellors and Therapists both specialize in talk therapy, which is a very popular form of effective Counselling in Singapore. Remedy Wellbeing Singapore you have access to the very best Counsellors and Therapists in the World.

Where can I see Counsellor in Singapore?

Face-to-face treatment just isn’t right for established executives, entrepreneurs, or those with busy families. Your responsibility to your health shouldn’t clash with your work or home life. Remedy Singapore Online Counselling in Singapore fits into daily life.

Who Can I Talk to About my Problems in Singapore?

Remedy Wellbeing Counselling in Singapore is an award winning, unique provider of bespoke individualised one-on-one Counselling for burnout, depression, addiction, anxiety and emotional health concerns. Bespoke treatments and the most successful outcomes.

What is the Price for Counselling in Singapore

Remedy Counselling in Singapore is part of Remedy Wellbeing, the Worlds Best Counselling service.  Remedy Singapore operates on a fixed fee basis. Our sessions are available in blocks of 12 weeks, costing from $700 SGD per week.

What Is Remedy Wellbeing Singapore?

Remedy Wellbeing exists to help you find serenity according to your highest values, whatever those values may be. Delivering the Worlds Best treatment of emotional wellbeing. Remedy supports a wide range issues including anxiety, insomnia, depression, burnout, trauma & weight management.

What Can Counselling in Singapore Help With?

Counselling in Singapore can be useful for anyone who wants to explore the way they’re thinking or feeling further, as well as for anyone experiencing a problem or issue they are keen to resolve. Remedy Counselling in SG uses a fast & effectiev 12 week approach.

Is Counselling in Singapore Private?

Not all Counselling in Singapore is Private & Confidential. Remedy Wellbeing SG is a 100% private service & does not pass your details on to anyone else. Our online platforms are both HIPPA and GDPR Compliant. No one will know you are a client of Remedy.

How Much is a Counselling Session Singapore?

Budget Counselling in Singapore usually starts from around $200 SGD per session. These sessions are usually short, and the trick is to keep you in Counselling for many months. Remedy in Singapore has been awarded Worlds Best Counselling Service and costs $700 SGD pw for a 12 week course.

Is Counselling Regulated in Singapore?

Counsellors and psychologists are not regulated, but Remedy Wellbeing Singapore is part of Remedy Wellbeing, the Most Exclusive Treatment Center in the World. Remedy Counsellors are only the finest and most experienced professionals Globally.

Best Therapist in Singapore

REMEDY was conceptualized as the Singapore’s most progressive program. Sustainable wellness demands an inspiring, individually tailored treatment program. Remedy guides clients to live life according to their own values, whatever those values may be.

Is Counselling in Singapore a Good Idea?

Counselling in Singapore can help you reflect and make sense of difficult life events and find a way to move forward. Talking to someone neutral, outside of your immediate situation, can show you a different perspective and help you find a way forward.

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