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How you experience secondary treatment is equally important as the good work you’ve just done in primary care. Psychological and Physiological recovery can be demanding. Your accommodations and experiences during sober living at Remedy Retreats are designed to soothe the body and quiet the mind. Remedy Wellbeing delivers an enhanced way of living. Designed to make you feel both at home, yet completely transported.


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Our treatment philosophy

Compassion & Care

We pride ourselves on creating a safre and nurturing environment that is not only effective, but supportive, loving, and healing. We believe this philosophy provides our clients with the greatest chance to embrace and enjoy a new life after treatment.

Remedy Wellbeing is where you’ll find a safe, structured routine in exceptional comfort. With less than 5 clients at any one time our 5* Luxury Sober Living is an exclusive retreat than a so-called ‘sober home’.  We take a structred yet progamatic approach to support and cushion guests through a metamorphosis of complete restoration.

Remedy Recovery Retreat is more than just a bridge to normal living. It is an oasis of calm, where lounging by the pool, maid service and a thai chef will ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is transformative.

Luxury Sober Living in Phuket at The REMEDY®  is a chance to continue your recovery in a beautiful island paradise, while focusing on personal development, life skills and relapse prevention.

Sober Living in Phuket Thailand

Big-Hearted Care

Real Life Recovery

We believe clients don’t fail treatment, but that primary rehab models can fail clients. Remedy Retreats believe in taking a dynamic, integrative and activities-based approach to aftercare. The biggest misconception in recovery is that when an addict stops using and drinking the cycle of destruction and misery ends.

Award Winning

Awarded Worlds Best Sober Living 2021 & 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and Retreat of the Year by International Rehabs, Remedy is a small, private program for long-lasting wellbeing, restoring balance and a renewed sense of freedom & purpose. The Retreat encourages guests to return to a life lived according to their highest values, whatever those values may be.


Luxury Sober Living

For many individuals, returning to their home life too soon may result in relapse. After all, the triggers contributing to their addictive behaviors may still be present at home. Luxury sober living at Remedy is a chance for someone to continue their recovery in a beautiful island paradise, while focusing on personal development and building life skills that may prevent relapse.

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Secondary Rehab in Thailand

The Secondary Sober Living Program at Remedy Retreat offers a comprehensive range of services to support clients and their families in their recovery journey. The entire World Class team place exceptional emphasis on working with clients’ families and loved ones—those who are often most directly affected by the behaviors frequently associated with substance use.

Sober Living in Thailand

Long Term Recovery

Long-term recovery is an ongoing process, and the importance of sober living is to reduce the risk of relapse and allow you to live a happy and full life, outside of residential treatment centers. The Remedy Retreat is a stepping stone from residential rehab. It encourages independence, giving you the freedom and experience of living alone, but with support to keep you on track.

About Remedy Sober Living

Your New Life Starts Here

We know that residential rehab is just the first step on the journey to long-term recovery from addiction. That is why we work hard during your stay to build your strength, set up support networks through your family and friends and offer you a wide range of practical techniques for dealing with addiction in the real world, alongside group and individual work.

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The Sanctuary Phuket

Remedy Sober Living is an exclusive sanctuary to which guests may escape after their experiences in their chosen primary care facility. We accept guests from all over the World who feel the sober living arrangements at their primary care provider are not of the stanrd they should be. Remedy Living provides luxury residence with a daily structure, enhanced with activities.

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Part of Remedy Wellbeing

Remedy Retreat Sober Living in magnificent Phuket, Thailand is the ‘little sister’ of Remedy Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Rehab. Remedy Wellbeing is the Worlds first $1million rehab exprience for UHNW Individuals and theur families. The sought after Remedy Retreats are smaller, intimate and more accessible than our flagship million dollar experience.

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Relapse Prevention

The long road to rebuiling your life after intensive rehab is a difficult path, full of struggles and hurdles. Without the right assistance and guidance, navigating this process alone often results in relapse, anxiety and failure to cement the great progress already made. Remedy Sober Living takes a dynamic, integrative and activities-based approach to aftercare recovery.

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