A stay at Remedy Retreats will empower you to become the best possible version of yourself and return to a life well lived. We have chosen the most effective practices to create two unique journeys in peaceful, secluded privacy. Remedy Sober Living & our 5* Retreats for those that don’t want or need ‘rehab’.


Sober Living in Phuket

Recovery Retreats & Sober Living


Founded in 2019 in Remedy Sober Living in Phuket, Thailand provides two streams of treatment to guests.

Physis Program is a sober living facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We provide an abstinence-based, supportive, and recovery-focused living environment for those who are transitioning from primary rehab to an independent life.

Our sober living program consists of accountability groups, external counseling, sober coaching, yoga/meditation, fitness, weekly excursions, as well as free time each day to explore the delights of this beautiful island.

RISE Program is for individuals suffering from burnout, stress & the advsrse effects of unexpected life crisis such as divorce, bereavement & redundancy.

The REMEDY Retreat is a small, intimate and targeted program for long-lasting wellbeing, restoring balance and a renewed sense of freedom and purpose. The Retreat encourages guests to return to a life lived according to their highest values, whatever those values may be.

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Luxury Mental Health Retreats in Singapore

Sober Living Facility in Thailand

Remedy Retreats Phuket is part of the award winning Remedy Wellbeing Group, Remedy Retreats is a more accessible and less formal ‘baby sister’ of our main International Residences. The Remedy Wellbeing Main Residences are The REMEDY has two excellent options for sustainable mental wellness in Singapore. Clients may opt for our intensive online outpatient program, completely individualized to treat a clients specific concerns. Alternatively, clients may opt to attend our 6-star mental health retreat in Thailand.

Remedy Retreat

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